Financial Mistress cam TheCountesss


Although I am absolutely amazed and “in need” of Financial Domme Webcam, recently i had a couple of opportunities to check out The Countess chat room … in among those minutes when you feel the need to be controlled and … Your Goddess is not around.

And even if it was just a couple of times, i feel the need to speak about Her … since i believe she’s exceptional in more than one method.

I won’t spend excessive time discussing Her charm, because that’s kinda apparent to anybody having even simply a glance at her profile … what i want to talk about is the way she manages the session … the method she brings you down slowly and steadily.

She will not ask you things immediately, she will not require you to serve Her … she will take Her time … she will slowly understand your weak points. and she will slowly utilize them to her benefit … with you unable to stop Her.

Very first time i was with Her it was for about 20 minutes … it was remarkable even if she didn’t even show me her feet EVER. She just spoke with me … she searched in the camera with that hot appearance, she provided me fast views of her incredible body (in stockings and high heels, by the way).

The 2nd time, instead, it was longer … more than an hour … and just hearing my better half coming into the room conserved me from investing a fortune and doing God knows what under her control.

She continuously kept me on the edge … with Her exceptionally dangling and that shoe never ever falling down … she made if drop just after 45 minutes. and just to acquire what she wanted (that is, me investing more)… and, i swear, i was practically SCREAMING by the need of being under Her power, under Her control … it was one of the most mind blowing sessions i’ve ever had … and that’s why i needed to share it on my journal … since She’s one to be remembered …